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Making Decisions in a Florida Divorce

Here’s an extremely practical article about making personal judgments during a divorce. So many clients want their attorney to make both legal and personal decisions for them during a divorce, but an attorney’s advice should never be a substitute for personal values and goals. Be active in your case and ask questions to ensure that the outcome reflects what you value most.

Family law and elder law attorneys follow the direction of their clients when they make legal decisions to protect their clients.  The given direction, however, should always be determined by the client.  The decisions that are made during a divorce are often difficult decisions.  Attorneys are often well-versed in matters of divorce law and procedure.  However, every client’s goals and interests are different, and the legal course of a case should reflect those goals and interests.  Therefore, no matter how knowledgeable or experienced your attorney is, make sure to communicate information and ask questions as you proceed toward a divorce.

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  1. rashedvaino1 says

    Thanks, Andrew for sharing Al Corona’s blog here. I agree with her and obviously with you also. That is the important step for all couple I think. I’ve got the same prob and get rid of this by the help and nursing of David. I think you will not mind if I share here his site(I believe it will help others like me) uncontested divorce lawyer mobile al.
    Thanks and take care 🙂

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