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Want to keep custody of your child? Good, but you may want to keep the child in Florida!

I had an opportunity to help a struggling mother in Florida who was involved in a custody battle with her child’s paternal grandparents. The child had gone to visit the grandparents, who lived in Alabama, but the child never came back. During the week-long visit, the grandparents filed a dependency petition against the mother, in Alabama, and refused to return the child. The petition alleged that the child was abused and neglected by the mother while in her custody, that the father was deployed on active military duty, and that they needed a custody order from the Alabama court to take care of the child. They obtained temporary custody at an initial hearing in the case, and the mother’s case went down hill from there. Another state can exercise jurisdiction over a Florida child, but generally that jurisdiction will only exist on an emergency basis until the case can be transferred to the child’s home state. If any jurisdiction existed in Alabama, it would have been temporary or emergency jurisdiction under Alabama’s version of the …

A New Legal Blog, for a New Day and Time

Like many in the legal profession, my career has taken me from one controversy to another.  My career as a family law and appellate attorney has allowed me to observe children prosper in the right environment, and suffer in heart-breaking circumstances.  I’ve seen good people do good things for both noble and despicable reasons, and I’ve seen would-be professionals neglect all manner of professionalism.  Most importantly, I’ve seen friends, colleagues and complete strangers use every ounce of their professional skill to help other people advance in life. It takes a lot to surprise me at this stage of my career, but hopefully I can relay enough to surprise you.