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Florida Parenting Plans

Florida parenting plans govern post-divorce relationships with children by identifying the time each parent will have with their children, as well as each parent’s responsibilities to make decisions for the children.

Florida’s Seniors vs. Crime Project

Florida seniors have an ally to protect them from scams and fraudulent practices.  The Seniors vs. Crime Project was formed in 2001 by the Florida Attorney General’s Office to reduce the victimization of senior citizens who, due to their age, are targeted for specific crimes or scams. The Project provides various educational and crime prevention programs to senior citizen groups, investigates complaints and seeks compensation for seniors where appropriate and establishes investigative agencies with senior volunteers to assist with investigations. The Project handles thousands of cases for seniors every year. Since 2001, local Project offices have handled more than 39,000 cases, and recovered over $16,000,000 in funds, plus over $12,000,000 in realized gain for Florida seniors. That is a total of $28,000,000 recovered for Florida seniors that would have otherwise been lost without intervention by the Project. The Seniors vs. Crime Project assists people aged 55 and up who are involved in civil disputes with contractors and other businesses or individuals who may have defrauded or otherwise taken advantage of them financially. There is no charge or …

What is Collaborative Divorce, and is it the Right Path for You?

The collaborative divorce process enables couples who have decided to divorce, separate or end their marriage to work with their lawyers and other family professionals in order to avoid the cost, stress and uncertain outcome of a contested divorce.

Elder Exploitation in Florida

Florida’s Elder Exploitation Law On October 1, 2014, Florida Statute 825.103, entitled “Exploitation of an elderly person or disabled adult” took effect.  This law makes it easier to prosecute people who prey on elders and the law increases penalties for crimes against elders. How does the newly revised statute define exploitation of an elderly person or disabled adult? The revised statute focuses on financial exploitation of elderly and disabled adults. It targets people who use funds, assets, or property of elderly or disabled adults with the intent to deprive them of the use of those funds, assets or property, or to benefit someone other than the elderly person or disabled adult. It also targets people who breach their fiduciary duties, misappropriate money, and fail to use an elderly person’s or disabled adult’s income and assets for the necessities required for that person’s support and maintenance.  Fiduciary duties can exist where a person, whether related or not to the elderly person, establishes a position of trust with an elderly person and then, using that position, misappropriates funds or …

How to divide assets and liabilities in a Florida divorce

A great deal of financial information and documentation can be needed in order to complete the divorce, depending on the extent of the marital estate and the complexity of the parties’ finances.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems (sort of)

Originally posted on Borrowed Genes:
Today I talked to two different adoption consultant companies, Laura at?Faithful Adoption Consultants and Shannon at?Christian Adoption Consultants. I wasn’t looking exclusively for Christian organizations but these two had the best reputations by far for adoption consultants, (please note, consultants are not the same as facilitators, which are illegal in many states) and it was easy to see why. After speaking with both these ladies my heart sort of sank into my stomach because I realized that this is what our adoption journey could have looked like if I had chosen better. I didn’t know there were different ways you could expect to be treated by an agency. Now I do.? I enjoyed speaking with them both because they both validated what I knew to be true, that this journey the hubs and I have been in is abnormal, and not a good representation of what adoption looks like. I pulled my punches big time in describing what had happened, both in speaking with them and on my last blog…

Adoption 101: The Post I Wish Had Been Written By Someone Else Four Months Ago

Originally posted on Borrowed Genes:
IT BEGINS! The hubs and I have been shown our first birth mother profile, and we gave permission for our agency to share our portfolio with the expectant mother. Although this young lady will be shown a number of profiles, and it is unlikely that we will be chosen the very first time around, it feels good to finally be in this place where someone could choose us if they so desired. The idea that we could be bringing home a baby sooner rather than later makes my heart pitter-patter just to think of it. Many people have asked me how adoption works these days, specifically open adoption. It is a concept unfamiliar to most people, unless you have gone through the process or love someone who has. WE HAD NO IDEA WHERE TO BEGIN OR WHAT WE WERE DOING.  Also, no one could really explain it particularly well.  I guess that is because there are so many variables and no two cases are the same.  Four months later, we…

Kiwanis International: Serving the Community by Helping Children

As a teenager and young adult, I perceived Kiwanis as an organization for the more “seasoned” members of our society, and didn’t give it another thought.  I knew Kiwanis was a charitable organization but, like most young people, noble or charitable purposes were not a high priority for me in my younger years. Kiwanis never really entered my narrow field of vision.  However, I grew up, and wanting to help and do more for children in my own area, I decided to learn more about Kiwanis and its mission to help children. By coincidence I met an attorney named Liz Lafollette at a local bar association meeting in Okaloosa Island, Florida.  Liz is a member of the Destin Kiwanis Club and a past president; She suggested that I attend a meeting and consider joining.  The Destin club meets every other Thursday at a local church. The club is an eighteen member group of “mighty but strong” participants who are committed to helping children throughout the Destin, Florida area.  I attended my first Kiwanis club meeting and found everyone to …